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We list some frequently asked questions here to help you using our product. These questions include the topics such as how to create ScreenSaver, how to use !Easy ScreenSaver Station to edit a SCR file quickly, how to protect your creations, how to buy the software product etc..
I purchased your product and received the registration code, but I lost it. How can I get it back?
Please send an email to our Tech Support Team with your Order ID or the email you entered in the order form. We will search our database and send it back to you asap.. We appreciate you can include more information such as your name, order date, phone/fax number, etc. in the email. The more information you provide, the easier we can find your record. Get Your Registration Code Back Now.
How to upgrade? I am already a customer.
If you are already one of our valued customers, please click here to know how to upgrade.
Why did it show a message "Invalid Registration Code!" after I entered the registration code you sent to me?
Make sure you have entered the right registration code. Please NOTE : the registration code is CASE-SENSITIVE. We recommend you to COPY and PASTE rather than type manually, or you need to check the registration code you entered carefully.
If you are running 3.6 or earlier version, please pay special attention to the difference between the letter and number, such as 'o'(lower-case format letter), 'O'(upper-case format letter) and '0'(number zero), also 'l'(lower-case format of letter 'L'), 'I'(upper-case format of letter 'i') and '1'(number one);
Please check the version number. Make sure the registration code(serial number) is for the right version. For example, you can't register v4.x with the code for v3.x, nor register v3.x with the code for v4.x.
How to create a ScreenSaver quickly? What is the easiest way to make a ScreenSaver? How to edit a SCR file quickly?
The easiest way to make a ScreenSaver is to use the Drag-and-Drop feature. Please read "Creating a ScreenSaver in 1 Minute" in the Online Tutorial. To edit a SCR file quickly, please click the Context Menu "Edit" associated with the SCR file, or Drag and Drop.
How to make my ScreenSaver a self-installing ScreenSaver?
To distribute your own ScreenSaver, we highly recommend you to save your creation as a self-installing ScreenSaver, a exe file rather than scr file. To save your creation as a self-installing ScreenSaver, please click the menu File->Save->Save As in !Easy ScreenSaver Station, select the right file type at the bottom of the save dialog, or enter a filename with an extension of .exe(For instance: MyDemo.exe) rather than the default .scr, and save it. Read Detailed Instruction in the Online Tutorial.
I registered it. Why is the unregistered information(the yellow box) still in my creation?
Yes. Your ScreenSaver made with the trial version(before registration) contains the unregistered information. It will be there until you save it again with the full version. Please open and save it with the registered version of !Easy ScreenSaver Station to overwrite the old one. The unregistered information will be removed.
Why do I need to buy your product?
!Easy ScreenSaver Station is distributed as SHAREWARE, also known as TBYB(TRY BEFORE YOU BUY) software. Registration gives you the right to use our products after the trial period, receive technical support and use features available only for registered users. There are some limitations in the unregistered version of the product. All the limitation will be unlocked after registration. Full Version Benefits:
Can I edit an image? I want to resize and crop the image.
Yes, You can. After version 3.x, it's much easier. Please read "Editing an Image" in the online tutorial for more information.
Can I set an image in my ScreenSaver as wallpaper?
Yes, you can if the ScreenSaver is not protected with password. Config it in My ScreenSavers, click Images tab, there is a button "Wallpaper" to set wallpaper. If the ScreenSaver is password protected, the button is disabled.
I can create ScreenSaver now. Can I change the backgound of my own ScreenSaver?
Yes, certainly you can. You can click the backgound color area(a panel that is filled with the color) to choose another backgound color in the !Easy ScreenSaver Station New Wizard window(on the General page) or ScreenSaver Property window. After version 2.0, a button is added to make you clear how to do this.
Can I use wma(Windows Media Audio) music file in my own ScreenSaver?
If your windows can play the wma file, you can. You can use the Windows Media Player to test it, or just use the !Easy ScreenSaver Station to test. In fact, !Easy ScreenSaver Station can play any format of audio files your windows can play, such as wav/mid/rmi/mp3/mp2/mpa/wma.
I deleted something in the Windows registry, and I cannot use the context menu to open and edit scr file now. How can I get it back?
Follow these steps to fix your registry and add the context menus for .SCR and .SSD files:
How to register?
First, you need to buy a license. Click HERE to learn how to buy. A registration code is sent to you immediately. Paste the registration code into the register box to finish the registration and benefit the full version.
Why is there an error message when I click the "ScreenSavers" tab in the system display property window? Error Message: An Error Occurred While Windows Was Working with the Control Panel file C:\Windows\System\Desk.cpl.
This is a common problem of Microsoft Windows. It's not caused by our software product. Microsoft have described the problem as "This error message can occur if there is a problem with a third-party video driver or utility". You can reinstall the video card driver to correct the problem.
You can find the solution HERE.
Our software don't and will never modify the parameters of your system driver.
Can I protect the images in my ScreenSaver from being exported?
Yes, you can protect the images in your creation. Just set password for your creation. You can allow your users to save images from the screensaver, or to use them as their Windows wallpaper. Alternatively, you can password-protect your file, and prohibit users from exporting or reusing your artwork. When running a ScreenSaver with password protected in the config mode, the function of exporting images/audio, and the Wallpaper option, will be disabled.
Can I change the label position?
Yes. Please read the full instruction for editing labels in our online tutorial to learn how to add labels and change their positions.
Can I turn off the transition effect?
Yes, you can surely turn off the transition effect. Please follow these steps.
  1. Open your creation with !Easy ScreenSaver Station;
  2. Click "Edit->Foreground Objects->Transition..."(Ctrl+T) to open the transition settings window;
  3. Drag the scroll bar to the most left and double click the first one in the transitions list to select it;
  4. Select the first one for both transition IN and OUT if the option "Don't clear the image..." is unchecked;
  5. Check the option "Apply to all";
  6. Click OK to finish the transition setting;
  7. Save your creation.
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