What's Shareware?
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"What is Shareware?" is a question we are asked frequently.
Shareware is software that you can try out before you buy. Shareware is copyrighted, but you can download it freely, try it out, and pass it around to people you know. However, after using the software for the trial period, you must register and pay for it, or delete it from your system.
Shareware isn't really a type of software; it's a method of distribution. By allowing you to try a program to make sure it's suitable to your needs, shareware offers some real advantages over commercial hrink-wrapped software sold through other channels. Since you get to try the program at virtually no cost, you can satisfy yourself that the software is suitable before paying for it. You can't do that with other types of software.
Shareware authors are in business, just as much as the commercial software companies are. Unlike those companies, however, shareware authors are willing to let you try their programs before paying for them. It's a great deal for the user and makes possible the creation of many programs which would not otherwise exist.
!Easy ScreenSaver Station is distributed as SHAREWARE, so you can TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY.
You can even make and distribute your own Shareware ScreenSaver with !Easy ScreenSaver Station. Read the topic in our online tutorial to know how to make and distrubute your own Shareware ScreenSaver in easy steps.
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