Setting Delay TimeColor Adjustments
You can add text labels to your images or Flash. Labels can be title, description, or anything you like.
Please follow these steps to add lables for your ScreenSaver:
  1. Add your images or Flash to your new ScreenSaver;
  2. Click the menu Edit->Images->Labels or the button "Labels" right side of the main window or click the button "Labels" in the editing window to begin editing Labels;
  3. Enter the content of a label into the New Label box and click the button "Add";
  4. Click the button "Font" to change the font if necessary;
  5. Click the button "Color" to select the right color from the drop-down colors table;
  6. Check the option Transparent to make the selected Label transparent, or you can select the background color for the label by clicking the filled block right side of the option "Transparent";
  7. Click the button "Replace" to change the text to a new one if you changed it;
  8. Drag the Label you added in the back editing window and move it to the right place you like;
  9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 to add more labels;
  10. Check the option "Apply to all" if you'd like to add the labels to all the images and Flash except those with "Show as LOGO" checked;
  11. Click "OK" to finish editing labels.