Creating Self-installing ScreenSaverRegistration Codes Generator
A Shareware ScreenSaver is a ScreenSaver that needs to be registered by users. The registration can be processed in the ScreenSaver config window.
To create a Shareware ScreenSaver, you must check the option "Create a Shareware ScreenSaver" in the ScreenSaver Property window, and enter a number for it as a mask code to generate your own registration codes. Please note a mask code is NOT a registration code, but a code for the codes generator.
After setting the mask code and saved your creation, you can generate your own registration codes for your creation. Click "Edit->Generate Registration Codes", and enter the mask code mentioned above, then click the button "Generate" to generate a code for your creation. Click again to get another. Copy your registration codes from the box, and send them to your customers, they will be able to register your creation.
When running a Shareware ScreenSaver, the unregistered information is promopted. This is to promopt your potential customer to buy your creation.
Uncheck the option "Create a Shareware ScreenSaver", and save your creation, YOUR snag bar will be removed.