What's ScreenSaver Software?
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The ScreenSaver software is a special kind of software that runs automatically when your mouse and keyboard have been idle for a period of time. You can also run your ScreenSaver manually. ScreenSavers exist for the following main reasons:
A ScreenSaver file has an extension of .SCR. You can install a ScreenSaver, that is to make a ScreenSaver be set as the default one, in the Display Property window.
Normally, the context menu of .SCR files contains Test, Install, Config and some others. When our product !Easy ScreenSaver Station is installed in your system, there will be an additional Edit command which you can use to open and edit a ScreenSaver file created by !Easy ScreenSaver Station quickly, easily and directly.
You can create screensaver, and even create and distribute self-installing ScreenSavers with !Easy ScreenSaver Station. A self-installing ScreenSaver is an EXE file. Run the EXE file will open a Setup Wizard window that guides you or your users to install your creation.
You can make and distribute your own ScreenSavers with !Easy ScreenSaver Station easily.
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