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(This review is for an old version of !Easy ScreenSaver Station which was named !Easy ScreenSaver Studio.)
Review by Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder
Reviewed by Dr. File Finder...!Easy ScreenSaver Studio, by DDSoft, is a really nifty tool for creating your own, personalized screen savers. With so many people now using digital photos and getting into MP3 music, creating your own screen saver is a natural extension. Combine those pictures and sounds into a screen saver that really means something to you. This product does a beautiful job and I was quite impressed with it. The program is very easy-to-use and the interface is very intuitive. That makes the program perfect for both new and experienced users. With the help of a handy "wizard", anyone can walk step-by-step through the process of making a first-rate screen saver.

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio gives you the option of creating a self-installing executable file (EXE), or you can create a standard screen saver file. These files have an extension of .SCR. Another really cool feature is that you can actually go back in and edit screen savers you've already made with the program. So, change some of the pictures, put in a new sound track -- whatever you want to do. The program can snag pictures directly from your digital camera or your scanner. And when your pictures are in the screen saver you can have them play in a specific order, or have them randomized. Very cool! And, the program can utilize up to 128 different "transition" effects between pictures. Wow! And, if all that weren't enough, you can add a musical sound track to your screen saver using MP3, MIDI, WAV, or even WMA music files.

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio, by DDSoft, is a powerful tool for creating screen savers that's also easy-to-use. Add your own pictures, acquire them from digital camera or scanner, and add music files as a sound track. Edit your creations, create SCR or EXE files, and more! And, you can even distribute the things you make with no royalty involved. The program offers a wide range of options, and gives you control over the creation process. So, if you're looking for a program to create your own screen savers, take a good look at this program! This is one of the best programs of its kind that I've seen. Try it!

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