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!Easy ScreenSaver Station supports multi languages.
You can use different languages in !Easy ScreenSaver Station, and the ScreenSavers made by !Easy ScreenSaver Station will also be in the language you selected. Click the menu View to select a language, please.
Multi Languages supported. Select a language...
You can also select a language in the Configuration window(Click the tray icon!Easy ScreenSaver Station Tray Icon located on the bottom right of the Windows desktop near the clock, then click "Configuration..." to show it).
Configuration of !Easy ScreenSaver Station
!Easy ScreenSaver Station will remember which language you selected the last time. You don't need to config the language setting the next time running !Easy ScreenSaver Station.
You can also translate the language files into your native language if it has not been included in !Easy ScreenSaver Station by now. To know how to translate !Easy ScreenSaver Station, please follow the instruction(how to translate).