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You can order online on the Internet, over the phone with phone numbers in Europe and the United States, or by fax, postal mail or e-mail.
If you have any ordering problems or questions, please contact RegNow(our resellers) at You can also contact us for help.
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Online transactions are available for Credit Card usage. This is the FASTEST way to become a registered user: Your order will be processed in real-time, usually within a couple of minutes, and the registration code will be sent to you by email immediately.
Telephone Ordering
Still don't trust online ordering? Well then use our telephone ordering method! Our telephone orders are handled by Register Now! (our authorized resellers). Additional cost of $3.00 USD for telephone orders will be applied with your purchase. When ordering through telephone you will need to tell them the Product ID 8778-1, as well as all the information as if you were ordering online handy.
Toll Free in US: 1-877-353-7297
International: 1-(952) 646-5331
What's the difference between the two licenses?
You can choose either of the following licenses to buy.
Can anybody steal my credit card's number?
Our registration service ( use a VeriSign certificate for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions. VeriSign certificates offer strong RSA-based encryption for secure transactions and allow a wider variety of browsers to be used than with certificates from other companies. Netscape Navigator versions starting at 2.0 are supported as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3.0 and above.
All of this means that your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a very secure manner, so that nobody else can see it. (even including software authors!)
Why do I need to buy?
!Easy ScreenSaver Station is distributed as SHAREWARE, also known as TBYB(TRY BEFORE YOU BUY) software. Registration gives you the right to use our products after the trial period, receive technical support and use features available only for registered users. There are some limitations in the unregistered version of !Easy ScreenSaver Station. All the limitations will be unlocked after registration.
Full Version Benefits
What do I do if I closed my browser before printing the invoice?
You will receive a copy of your confirmation email shortly after your order. Please keep this email for your records! You can also find a copy of your invoice by looking up your order and clicking on “receipt.”
After received the registration code, please enter the right code into the register box of the program. Note that the registration code is CASE-SENSITIVE. We recommend you to COPY and PASTE rather than type manually.